Seward Capital has launched its library of holiday music playlists on Spotify. Since its inception, the team at Seward Capital has circulated an annual Holiday Playlist complete with liner notes for firm clients, investors, and friends.   Amos Beason said, “We are extremely excited to have all our music library selections in a streaming format and think that Spotify, with its broad level of customer appeal, is the right platform. Our library is extensive, covering the blues, jazz, rock, reggae, classical and R&B.  Being able to share our music digitally brings us closer to the everyday lives of our friends, investors and clients.  We will be coming out with new playlists in the following weeks and hope that, in good times and bad, they bring joy to those who listen to and share them.”

Please visit for more information about Seward Capital and to access our informational library.  To listen to our playlists, use the following link on Spotify or contact Karen Blake at +1 (704) 285-6504.

About Seward Capital

Seward Capital is a value-oriented investment manager serving high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions. The Baikal platform provides a bridge between sophisticated individual and small institutional investors and select “best of breed” investment managers.