Seward Capital LLC is pleased to announce its latest investment through the Baikal Program (“Baikal”), in Spring Capital Partners Fund IV, L.P. (“SCP Fund IV”). SCP Fund IV will invest in founder-owned businesses in the lower-middle market. Baikal is comprised of discrete, individually structured Limited Partnership pass-through vehicles. Baikal aggregates accredited individual and small institutional capital commitments and then invests them into specific lower middle market oriented private equity, mezzanine, special situation and SBIC-backed investment funds. Baikal also aggregates investor commitments and invests directly into operating businesses being formed or recapitalized by seasoned and experienced investment professionals.

About Seward Capital LLC

Seward Capital is a value-oriented investment manager serving high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions. Baikal Program platform provides a bridge between sophisticated individual and small institutional investors and select “best of breed” investment managers.

About Spring Capital Partners

Spring Capital Partners was founded in 1999 with a mission of investing in small businesses, contributing to their growth and success, and providing superior risk adjusted returns to their limited partners. SCP has raised and deployed three SBIC funds, resulting in a total of $324.9 million invested in 65 companies.